Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Eli

We were at the soccer park - but Eli wanted to play not watch her big brother play soccer. So off she went with her daddy - who brought along a great big camera that made her feel like a rock star! (I'm so lucky to have such a super little model!) Anyway, 300 photos later, I got a few keepers! I actually got lots of cool photos while she played on this little bouncy thing. She had fun. I had fun.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Flower Girls

Bride - detail

Here's another shot - a detail of the bride's dress from behind.


One of the things we are going to practice next week is 'detail miniatures'..the idea of photographing the little details, in order to contribute to telling the larger story of the event. I did some of this at Humam and Mitzi's wedding, so thought I'd pick a few examples. Here is a bouquet of flowers that, if I remember correctly, was in the middle of each table. They really did have the most beautiful, rich looking flowers.

Wedding/Portrait Photography

So I'm heading off this week on 'holiday'...I'm going to participate in a three day workshop in Ancaster, Ontario, with David Williams, a celebrated and talented master photographer from Australia. Currently on a bit of a world tour, this appears to be his only Canadian stop. I preparation for this, I thought I"d look at some of my wedding pictures from Humam and Mitzi's wedding in NY last fall. Turns out I have some really nice photos - that aren't of the wedding party, but rather of other guests, such as the lovely and talented Michael and Victoria. I grabbed one of Michael sniffing a wee flower and played a bit with it, toning down the colours everywhere but on the flower. Thought it turned out well.