Monday, August 25, 2008

Rock Stars!

Sarah and Trevor had their rings designed and made in Montreal. These are a couple versions of the many photos I took of their rings. The first photo had a toning treatment applied, whereas the second is almost straight out of camera.

Royal Military College

Not a particularly notable frame, this was taken from the river boat as we were leaving port. The old building is part of the Royal Military College in Kingston, where Canada's Armed Forces train their officers. My father in law is a prof there. Thought he might enjoy a photo of his work digs.

This was an HDR shot post processed in CS3.


While shooting the 'Reservoir Dogs' shot that I blogged a few weeks back, I also took this close-up of the brothers - Duart and Trevor. It was a natural gesture - big bro puts his arm on his younger brother's if to's finally here, and I'm with you's a big day.

Kingston Cupola

Canada's Parliament originally sat in Kingston, Ontario. This is shot of the cupola clock from the original parliament buildings of Canada, now City Hall, Kingston.

Summer Fun!

At the end of a warm day at the African Lion Safari, the kids jumped into the splash pool and had tons of fun. Here is an expressive moment that I think captures it.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

We're Back!

Back from our almost two week vacation in southern Ontario. Images coming up, including of Trev and Sarah's wedding. Here's one of my favorite little models...

Monday, August 11, 2008


OK, just before I head out on holiday, I thought I had to post one photo of the newly weds. Taken at dusk, by the Museum of Civ, looking across the Ottawa River towards to Parliament Hill. One SB800 off camera on voice activated lightstand.

You look faaabulous guys!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Oddly enough, second pic from the wedding is the DJ! What gives? Well, two things. I really liked this photo and wanted to work it up. Secondly, turns out I met this guy a few weeks ago when he played a gig for a product launch at work. But I knew him as a spanish guitar maestro. Of course he knew me as a 'shirt'. So go figure. Anyway, here's Servantes - a DJ, but even more, a kickin' spanish guitar player.

I actually worked this picture up a number of different ways. I developed about six different versions and then blended bits from each together to make the final. What I was trying to do was separate him from his background, by bringing out detail in his hair and the rim light, while desaturating his face a bit and then vignetting heavily. I think it worked out. And oddly enough, the original picture is also quite nice.

The Dawgs

Ok, so shot Trevor and Sarah's wedding yesterday. 13 hours or so of hard work! (Thanks Peter!) Lots of cool pics coming up AFTER my holiday, but, quickly, a pic - a version of the "Reservoir Dogs' shot. Converted to a high contrast BW. Very quick pic, not even sure it's the best. But it's fun.