Sunday, September 7, 2008

Just because...

Élysia needed a photo for school. This was taken on a pony ride at the Toronto Zoo in August.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A new love?

Well, new relationships are never easy. My new 'ami' is a 60mm f2.8 Micro Nikkor. A wee pressy for being good. Or working hard. Or something like that. I've never had a real macro lens before, and this promises to open up a new aspect of photography for me. It should combine very well with gardening, me thinks. I'm finding it a surprisingly demanding lens - it demands careful attention to technique and won't tolerate casual or sloppy approaches. It's contrasty and has, to my eyes, absolutely lovely bokeh and nicely contrasty images. I think this is a friend who repays your efforts, but demands your best. Hmmmm...

Monday, September 1, 2008

Last Days of Summer.....

Here's a photo of the kids yesterday, enjoying their last days/hours of summer....

Firetruck Ninja!

Here's a shot of Matt I did for the vestiare at school. It is him doing his (usual) Ninja thing at the kids fair in Waterloo, in front of a Firetruck slide.

Élysia's First Day of School!

Eli had her first day (half day) of school on friday. This was her setting out.... It went really well! Her wonderful teacher, Rachelle, is the mother of one of Mattias' best friends at school!

Kingston Capitol

Another take on the Kingston Capitol - Canada's first Parliament building. Taken from the water. 3 exposure image. This has been the summer of dramatic skies, but the HDR allows one to really emphasize them, which enhances this image I think.