Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Pews

And assuming they had pews in the 1500s, this would have been where the parishioners listend to all those sermons (hopefully not too many on Nehemiah!).

Cathedral Interior 3

Presumably, from this pulpit, Calvin preached - apparently over 2,000 sermons, according to wikipedia.
During his ministry in Geneva, Calvin preached over two thousand sermons. Initially he preached twice on Sunday and three times during the week. This proved to be too heavy a burden and late in 1542 the council allowed him to preach only once every Sunday. However, in October 1549, he was again required to preach twice on Sundays and in addition every weekday of alternate weeks. His sermons lasted more than a hour and he did not use notes or manuscripts. An occasional secretary tried to take down notes of his sermons, but up to 1549 very little of his preaching has been preserved. However, in that year a professional scribe, Denis Raguenier, who had learnt or developed a system of shorthand, was assigned to record all his sermons. In analysing his sermons, Calvin was a consistent preacher and his style changed very little over the years.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Matt asked to see pictures tonight from when he was a baby. It was fun, wonderful, astonishing and moving to look at photos and remember how tiny and helpless he was... He's five now! Wow.

Here's a photo I saw this evening that, for me, captured the wonder in Alex' eyes, at her newborn child. Wonder and adoration. A sense of pride and, perhaps, astonishment at this beautiful little thing she brought into the world. Good job Babe!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Cathedral Interior 1

I have a number of interior shots that I will work on and post. This is the first. My problem with all of these was the long shutter speeds, which, even with an image-stabilized lens, were pushing it for handholding.

The Holy Bible

Could this have been the bible that Calvin preached from? Studied with? Not sure, but it was open in the nave on a stand; open to Psalms.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pillars of the Reformation

Walking about the old city of Geneva, I came across John Calvin's church the Cathedral of St. Peter. Turns out the Swiss Protestant churches are celebrating the 500th anniversary of the birth of John Calvin, a formative figure in the Reformation.

I took a ton of photos inside as well as outside. This is the pillars from the grand steps at the front of the cathedral.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mutual Support

Taken on a recent business trip to Geneva. If I recall correctly this piece of public art was called Mutual Support and celebrates a mutual defense/support pact between the cities of Geneva, Zurich and Basle from several hundred years ago. Forgot to photograph the plaque

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Just because...

Élysia needed a photo for school. This was taken on a pony ride at the Toronto Zoo in August.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A new love?

Well, new relationships are never easy. My new 'ami' is a 60mm f2.8 Micro Nikkor. A wee pressy for being good. Or working hard. Or something like that. I've never had a real macro lens before, and this promises to open up a new aspect of photography for me. It should combine very well with gardening, me thinks. I'm finding it a surprisingly demanding lens - it demands careful attention to technique and won't tolerate casual or sloppy approaches. It's contrasty and has, to my eyes, absolutely lovely bokeh and nicely contrasty images. I think this is a friend who repays your efforts, but demands your best. Hmmmm...

Monday, September 1, 2008

Last Days of Summer.....

Here's a photo of the kids yesterday, enjoying their last days/hours of summer....

Firetruck Ninja!

Here's a shot of Matt I did for the vestiare at school. It is him doing his (usual) Ninja thing at the kids fair in Waterloo, in front of a Firetruck slide.

Élysia's First Day of School!

Eli had her first day (half day) of school on friday. This was her setting out.... It went really well! Her wonderful teacher, Rachelle, is the mother of one of Mattias' best friends at school!

Kingston Capitol

Another take on the Kingston Capitol - Canada's first Parliament building. Taken from the water. 3 exposure image. This has been the summer of dramatic skies, but the HDR allows one to really emphasize them, which enhances this image I think.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Rock Stars!

Sarah and Trevor had their rings designed and made in Montreal. These are a couple versions of the many photos I took of their rings. The first photo had a toning treatment applied, whereas the second is almost straight out of camera.

Royal Military College

Not a particularly notable frame, this was taken from the river boat as we were leaving port. The old building is part of the Royal Military College in Kingston, where Canada's Armed Forces train their officers. My father in law is a prof there. Thought he might enjoy a photo of his work digs.

This was an HDR shot post processed in CS3.


While shooting the 'Reservoir Dogs' shot that I blogged a few weeks back, I also took this close-up of the brothers - Duart and Trevor. It was a natural gesture - big bro puts his arm on his younger brother's shoulder...as if to say...it's finally here, and I'm with you man...it's a big day.

Kingston Cupola

Canada's Parliament originally sat in Kingston, Ontario. This is shot of the cupola clock from the original parliament buildings of Canada, now City Hall, Kingston.

Summer Fun!

At the end of a warm day at the African Lion Safari, the kids jumped into the splash pool and had tons of fun. Here is an expressive moment that I think captures it.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

We're Back!

Back from our almost two week vacation in southern Ontario. Images coming up, including of Trev and Sarah's wedding. Here's one of my favorite little models...

Monday, August 11, 2008


OK, just before I head out on holiday, I thought I had to post one photo of the newly weds. Taken at dusk, by the Museum of Civ, looking across the Ottawa River towards to Parliament Hill. One SB800 off camera on voice activated lightstand.

You look faaabulous guys!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Oddly enough, second pic from the wedding is the DJ! What gives? Well, two things. I really liked this photo and wanted to work it up. Secondly, turns out I met this guy a few weeks ago when he played a gig for a product launch at work. But I knew him as a spanish guitar maestro. Of course he knew me as a 'shirt'. So go figure. Anyway, here's Servantes - a DJ, but even more, a kickin' spanish guitar player.

I actually worked this picture up a number of different ways. I developed about six different versions and then blended bits from each together to make the final. What I was trying to do was separate him from his background, by bringing out detail in his hair and the rim light, while desaturating his face a bit and then vignetting heavily. I think it worked out. And oddly enough, the original picture is also quite nice.

The Dawgs

Ok, so shot Trevor and Sarah's wedding yesterday. 13 hours or so of hard work! (Thanks Peter!) Lots of cool pics coming up AFTER my holiday, but, quickly, a pic - a version of the "Reservoir Dogs' shot. Converted to a high contrast BW. Very quick pic, not even sure it's the best. But it's fun.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

What a Smile!


Taken yesterday. I was torn between this and the other one I posted yesterday. I also like this one alot.

Abandoned Shed Chain Detail 1

Again, two versions, both derived from an HDR processed through Photomatix and then CS3. A coloured version and a BW version, with just a hint of colour in it.

McLean House

McLean House, 10 rue Principale, Aylmer. c 1840. House of John McLean.

So here are the beginnings of some photos from the house and shed. First the front door, all boarded up. This is what has been attracting me. This is a 3 exposure HDR, post processed in PS. I've created a coloured version and also a black and white version with just a hint of colour.

Abandoned House Portraits 3

And...brother and sister..together. Sweeties.

Abandoned House Portraits 2

Continuing in the 'abandoned house studio'...Mattias. Same general treatment as the last photo.

Abandoned House Portraits 1

So we were poking around an abandoned house on rue Principale today. I actually went there to shoot the house. Been meaning to do this for over a year now. Anyway, I've got some house photos I'll work on later, but wouldn't you know...had the kids with me...and, well...had the 50mm 1.4 and some opportunities presented themselves.....

In this shot I was detailing this abandoned shed, when Eli 'posed', as she is want to do..and, there it was. I've vignetted the edges, lightened her face a wee bit and spotted. Not much.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mon Beau Mattias

Another taken this morning in the 'bedroom studio'.

Ma Belle Elysia

It's been three weeks since I've posted! I've been shooting but too busy to post. Here is a photo taken this morning in the 'bedroom studio'.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Canada Day!

So we were out and about the Nation's Capital today...lovely day after sooo many with rain! Lots of fun stuff for kids - clowns etc. Though the F-15s flying over were a wee bit loud for shorty...kinda scared him. But..over by the Museum of Civ we saw some facepainting going on. That's always fun. I ran across these two very cute munchkins: one was a 'baby jaguar' and the other had her face painted with flowers to match her dress! Too cute.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Eli

We were at the soccer park - but Eli wanted to play not watch her big brother play soccer. So off she went with her daddy - who brought along a great big camera that made her feel like a rock star! (I'm so lucky to have such a super little model!) Anyway, 300 photos later, I got a few keepers! I actually got lots of cool photos while she played on this little bouncy thing. She had fun. I had fun.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Flower Girls

Bride - detail

Here's another shot - a detail of the bride's dress from behind.


One of the things we are going to practice next week is 'detail miniatures'..the idea of photographing the little details, in order to contribute to telling the larger story of the event. I did some of this at Humam and Mitzi's wedding, so thought I'd pick a few examples. Here is a bouquet of flowers that, if I remember correctly, was in the middle of each table. They really did have the most beautiful, rich looking flowers.