Thursday, May 17, 2007

Matt's Haircut

For my first image post, I am admittedly choosing an image not shot this week - but it was shot quite recently. It is of my three year old son Mattias, right after he got a haircut.

From an image-design standpoint the image is not 'perfect' on a number of points. Perhaps primarily I'm breaking a 'rule' about cutting off heads and body parts. However, for me the photo, in spite of being cut off a bit close to the eye, has a certain dynamism to it - I like the eyes looking upwards to the top right of the photo, and the positioning of the face on the left side of the image. There is for me a certain 'creative tension' in the image which makes it dynamic, and thus supercedes what might otherwise be seen simply as a cropping error.

On the subject of it's value as an image - if a photograph is an accurate representation of reality, but a portrait is a representation of the soul, then for me this image clearly is in the realm of portrait. With the pastel treatment I gave it, it is not 'realistic'; but yet it captures the impishness of a 3 year old boy in a very special way which transcends the moment and, I suspect, connects with any parent. It is, in that way, both a portrait and a more general statement about childhood...

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le marmot said...

Glenn, Nicely done !

Agree with your comments that the pastel effect adds a certain aura / feeling to young master mason's portrait.

Suggest, si tu veux, that you consider a series of 'real" (whatever that means) and artistically altered / enhanced portraits of young mattis arranged in a series (a la warhol) to reflect the diversity and richness within mattis' moods, feelings, emotions which exist in the hearts, minds and faces of all people.

All in all - nicley done

le marmot