Thursday, September 20, 2007

Central Park Sunset Pano

Je m'excuse. Mea culpa. I haven't posted for aaages. But, I am at least comforted that I HAVE BEEN shooting! which was the point of this little exercise in the first place. So, I have tons of stuff to post, and will start doing so forthwith - what with a recent holiday on the Fundy Coast in New Brunswick, a trip to NYC and of course the ever-present kiddies which are my most photographed item...

Anyway, today I am posting a first cut at a hand-held pano that I took at a wedding reception on the weekend, overlooking Central Park, in NYC. Stitched together in CS3, it is made of 9 HDR images, so 27 photos originally!

I broke every rule in the book: hand holding at sunset, 50mm f1.8 wide open, no tripod..but..i tried to overlap all photos and I bracketed three shots each time. So, herewith the view from the 52nd floor penthouse of the Parker Meridien Hotel, midtown Manhattan, at sunset.


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