Friday, September 21, 2007

Quaco Lighthouse

One can hardly go to the east coast and not photograph a lighthouse, now can you? I only photographed the one - in West Quaco. It was near enough to our cottage and so one morning I got up a 4am and drove up and waited for the sunrise...

The Bay of Fundy is quite remarkable - as there are virtually no waves. But there is this incredible movement of water in and out of the Bay every twelve hours. At this time of the morning the only sound was this sound of water rushing out of the Bay. It was the sound of water rushing over rocks - much like the rapids on a river. It was quite beautiful.

I took a series of panos which I am still working on. However, here is a shot of the Quaco Lighthouse at dawn.


Puffins Rock said...

Loved Quaco!!! This is the reason I found this blog! (c:
Was searching for others who had found this lovely lighthouse.

I've browsed a little in your blog. You have some gorgeous work here. Photoshop?

Glenn M said...

Yes..but first is the HDR technique combining multiple exposures in Photomatix Pro, followed by finishing work in PS.